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We have re-opened!

The memberships are live and you can now book in to classes.

We are here to answer you questions.

I didn't receive an email for the new system?

Call 0435206910! Zak and I are in during the day to take your calls between 12 - 4pm Mon, Tue, Wed & Friday this week. How do i pay?

If you click the circle in the top left corner of the app you can add payment details to enable your membership!

Nothing is working, help?

Just come in, this whole thing is still confusing to Zak and i so i am sure its doing the same to you! we will help you out in person.

How does the membership work?

Your membership payment gives you access for up to two classes per week. As long as the class has space you can book into whatever two days you have that week.

How do I book into classes?

Using the Zen planner app you can book into whatever class is your level. You are allowed to book into your class, or a class level below your current level. Eg old comp team can book into Advanced classes, or Intermediate classes.

How early can we book?

To ensure everyone has a chance to book the class they want, you can book a maximum of 2 weeks in advance.

Forgot to Book?

If a class is full via the booking system, we will not accept any students who have not been booked in. This is to maintain the safety and quality of the class. This is a hard rule. Please book in before you turn up for class!

Going on holiday?

You have the option to place your membership on hold for a maximum of eight weeks per year. The minimum hold duration is two weeks.


While parkour has an injury rate of 1/3 compared to basketball, netball, and soccer, they still occur to the chagrin of the head coach. If injured in class we give our members a hold for however long the healthcare professional gives for recovery. And during this time, you will have $5 access to Thursday night guided strength sessions to work on any physio, rehab, increasing strength in the rest of your body, and keeping your mental health in check.

Make-Up Classes?

If you miss any classes in the future, you may schedule a make-up class for the week prior and/or one for the week following your absence. Parents are encouraged to use their children's make-up classes on themselves either at the “parents class” or any of our 16+ classes. Please note that make-up classes cannot be accumulated for future use.

How do i book into the parents class?

Book it in via the app using your child's membership.

Want to cancel?

To initiate the cancellation process, please reach out to us to schedule a conference. This allows for a four-week notice period to be initiated, which will give us time to try our absolute best to improve our service. It's important to note that “membership holds” do not count towards the four-week notice period.

How does payment work?

Membership fees are deducted on the 1st of the month and are pro rata. Membership fees are a contribution to keeping our mission alive, equipment repaired, and instructors highly trained, rather than just a cost for classes.

Final Points If you are in any doubts about how to proceed, just come in during your preferred class time and I we will guide you through it.

Sincerely, Director and Head Coach Alexander Rzechowicz

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