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Newcastle Parkour's Future

If you haven't seen our previous newsletter yet, please do so first before jumping into this one.

Head coach Alex here for our final update.

The program:

Our first major change is deploying our grading system using wristbands similar in function to martial arts belts. Operating on a regular training and testing cycle, each level now officially integrates parkour skills with vital self-development goals such as self-reflection, risk management, resilience, peer pressure resistance, and more. Our new gym software app will have all of our “skills” for each level found under “curriculum” with videos explaining each skill. You can currently access our first level “Basics 1” 

The Mission

My staff and I fully commit to improving students' lives using parkour as our vehicle. We are now a developmental program that uses parkour to teach critical life skills. I will put my all into the development and growth of my instructors so they can be the relatable mentors that our young people need as they decide who they are and who they want to be as they grow into adults. While not parkour, the only other place to my knowledge that provides this level of intention is Newcastle Aikido. If your time with us is coming to a close, it is the only place I can recommend. 

8 - 15 Yrs Membership

If you sign up before Saturday, April 13th, you can secure a monthly rate of $190 with no increase in cost for the rest of the year. With this membership, you can add any Open session or strength session for $5 per class. Otherwise, the rate is $245 for new students or $210 for current students transferring over during the first three months.

How to sign up

If you check your email, you should have received information from Zen Planner on how to join our new gym software. If you did not receive one or can't log in, please send us an email at so we can get you set up. Sign up 101: Download the Zen Planner app on your phone > Submit “forgot password” with your email used previously > Create new password > Login > Open the menu in the top left corner of your screen > Purchase > $190 membership reservation. From there, you can check out our “Basics 1” skill list under the curriculum.

Family Discounts

We offer family discounts. For 2 members, you will receive a 10% discount; for 3 members, the discount is 20%; and for up to a maximum of 4 family members, you can get a total discount of 30% off.

Our coaches both past and present. Only Oscar and Abi still teach.

16+ Yrs Memberships and casual costs

These classes are designed to be more casual and enjoyable, moving away from strict programming and expectations. They will focus on coordination, fitness, health, and challenge, serving as the core for building the next generation of coaches. The pricing for these classes is $140 per month for regular membership or $30 for a casual drop-in session.

Uni or Tafe student? We offer a student discount of 10%

13 - 15 Yrs old and only want open sessions and strength?

We will allow students who demonstrate drive and a high level of safety to obtain the 16+ membership at $140. However, they will only have access to the 13+ sessions on Tuesdays from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM and Thursdays from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM. This must be approved by the head coach.

Parents class

We are excited to introduce a new class every second Saturday, focusing less on "parkour" and more on building balance, coordination, and strength for overall well being. Additionally, this class will provide parents with the opportunity to learn how to train with their kids outside of regular sessions.

Following the success of our 35+ women's class, we want to extend this opportunity further. If your kids are unable to attend a class, we encourage you to use the makeup class for yourself!

The new timetable

Our goal: My aim is to gather 90 members within the first month to meet our minimum operational threshold. If achieved, I can focus on providing excellent classes, developing instructors, enhancing our space, and refining our curriculum. In the unlikely event that we fall under 60 members, we will explore employing some short-term alternatives to keep us afloat. However, if this does occur, we will start looking at permanent closure. If the changes mean you cannot participate in classes, please email us so we can contact you in this scenario.

A Final note: This journey has been one of immense learning and accomplishment for our students, instructors and me. Should this chapter draw to a close due to these changes, I will not mark it as a failure, but rather celebrate it as an end to our collective efforts and the impact myself, the instructors and the community have had on students that walked through our doors.I have been overwhelmed with the support and the understanding. The uncertainty of it all has been very difficult. but it has also pushed me to finally enact so many ideas that have been on the back burner for years.  I am genuinely excited for what Newcastle Parkour's future will look like if this works. Regardless of what the future holds, I am ready and will embrace it with open arms.

Sincerely, Director and Head Coach Alexander Rzechowicz

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