Women's class

+Trans and Nonbinary friendly!

Our women's 13+ years parkour class is run by our female coaches with the intention of providing a space to try parkour in a supportive place without judgement! All bodies and abilities are welcome. 

Our mission in all classes is to create as much of as inclusive space to ensure that everyone feels comfortable being in our gym and trying parkour. This class was created as a way to bridge the gap to people who are not sure if they would be able learn! In this class you will learn how to warm up, fall safely, jump, balance, climb, run and have fun through games and play.

Our goals for this class are; 

Fun though movement!

A positive relationship with failure

The fundamental safety skills to practice parkour injury free

Improvement of physical and mental strength with the aim of trusting your body

Create a fantastically supportive community. 

A high priority is that everyone feels welcome and safe. We care about how much effort you put in, not how strong / fast / agile you are. 

We are in the business of developing strong, resilient people, both physically and mentally.

The video below is a show of our community and the vibes to be expected!