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Our Mission

We aim to inspire and elevate our students regardless of their age or fitness level. We treat all students with respect and prioritise their personal growth as people. We teach our students to move safely and develop their own love of movement.

Who are we?
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Alex Rzechowicz
Director / Head Coach

Alex is an Australian Parkour Association qualified coach who has been training parkour for over 8 years. He has a background in gymnastics and dancing.

His core responsibility is teaching classes, developing instructors and students. He is heavily invested in the safety, culture and community surrounding Newcastle Parkour.

Dylan Forbes
Senior Coach

Dylan has been training parkour for 8+ years now and has over 10 years experience teaching movement.

His energy and care with his students is unmatched and is deeply loved by the community for his contribution.  

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Jason Phua

Jason has been training parkour for over 12 years, 7 of which has been teaching parkour. He is the driver behind the logistical, administration and business side of Newcastle Parkour.

Pedro Cardoso

Pedro has been training for over 4 years and teaching for 2 and is aiming to become a professional parkour and freerunning athlete.


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Elise Foster

Elise started as a student and quickly moved up to more advanced classes due to her strength, coordination and maturity. 

She recently completed her assistant coach training and is now working towards the Australian Parkour Association instructor qualifications. 

Finnleigh Snelling

Fin was one of our first students. he has been training for about 3 years and started instructing a year ago. 


He is one of the most driven to pass the instructor tests and is constantly developing his skills in instructing. 

Mirina Williams

Mirina is another one of our first students and we are glad to have her energy and positivity come into our classes as an instructor. 

She is the current undefeated wrestling champ of open sessions and has some very serious fitness game. The senior coaches normally stop before she does!