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Our Mission

We aim to inspire and elevate our students regardless of their age or fitness level. We treat all students with respect and prioritise their personal growth as people. We teach our students to move safely and develop their own love of movement.

Our Team
Alex Rzechowicz
Director / Head Instructor

Alex is an Australian Parkour Association qualified coach who has been training parkour for over 12 years. He has a background in gymnastics and dancing.

His core responsibility is teaching classes, developing instructors and students. He is heavily invested in the safety, culture and community surrounding Newcastle Parkour.

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Jason Phua

Jason has been training parkour for over 12 years, 7 of which has been teaching parkour. He is the driver behind the logistical, administration and business side of Newcastle Parkour.

Zak Cahyadi
Manager/Senior Instructor

Zak has been training parkour for 3 years and coaching for 2. He is a skilled mover across several disciplines of movement including dancing and combat sports.

When not teaching classes, he manages our day to day tasks and activities to keep our community strong and our values upheld. 

Jordan Weeks
Senior Instructor

Jordan has been training parkour for 10 years and coaching for 6. The energy he brings to classes is unmatched, and he has genuine interest in the safety and long term development of his students. 

Jordan has an affinity toward powerful movement and really just wants to be a ninja!

Philip Ruben
Senior Instructor

Phil has been training parkour for 6 years and has been teaching it for 3.

He has a broad repertoire of fun games and exercises. This, coupled with his dedicated delivery of high-quality classes is part of what makes him such a great instructor.


Finnleigh Snelling
Senior Instructor

Finn was one of our first students. He has been training for 7 years and instructing for 4. 


He is passionate about gaining strength while training to pass the APA instructor tests and is constantly developing his skills.

Abi Badenhorst
Senior Instructor

Abi is a new addition to our team. She attended classes and was quickly hired due to her coordination, drive to improve and desire to help others.

Abi has 6 years of experience teaching martial arts classes and has a passion for teaching young kids.

Oscar Olson
Senior Instructor

Oscar is another new addition to our team. Oscar has 12 years of movement training through dance and is constantly on the move.


The energy Oscar brings to his classes is unmatched. 

Oscar has been training parkour for 3 years and continues to send some of the craziest moves in the gym.

Winton McKay
Senior Instructor

Winton is passionate about creative movement, and loves helping his students take charge of their own development. 

Winton has 4 years worth of experience working with young people - teaching theatre, movement sports, and working in outdoor education.


Elise Foster
 Senior Instructor

Elise started as a student and quickly moved up to more advanced classes due to her strength, coordination and maturity. She has been instructing for 4 years.

Elise is deeply invested in her students and develops strong rapport with all her classes.

Henry Thatcher

Henry is yet another ex student. He has been coaching for a year now. He is a regular at our Thursday night strength and open sessions.


Henry trains consistently outdoors on weekends and he has a great talent for making people welcome, especially his students.

Nathan Knox - 'Nate'

Nate has experience training and coaching gymnastics. Upon his move to Newcastle, Nate was quickly identified for his role as a NPK coach due to his technical prowess and consistency training. He loves to give back to his students and assist them in any way he can.

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