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Welcome to Newcastle Parkour

Developing the next generation through movement and mentorship

Looking to learn parkour?

We are a parkour school located in Newcastle NSW Australia.

We offer a range of classes for kids, teens and adults.

What is parkour? 

Parkour is the discipline "reaching" or "escaping" by moving as quickly and efficiently as possible. We teach students how to jump, vault, climb and balance. 



What do we believe in? 
Changing lives

We provide a program delivered by handpicked coaches trained to support, guide and grow young people in the formative years of their life.


As with any physical activity, parkour has a level of inherent risk. To minimize this, our staff prioritize safety over everything else.

“Thanks so much for being an amazing role model, mentor and coach for my son. Having inspiring people around our kids as they grow up and becoming adults is so important to us.” 


—  Aaron

5 Tara Road Broadmeadow
NSW 2292
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