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We are a parkour school located in Newcastle Australia. Our instructors are qualified with the Australia Parkour Association and have over 20 years of combined experience teaching the fundamentals of parkour.

What is parkour? 

Parkour is the discipline of moving through your environment as quickly and efficiently as possible.

It involves learning how to safely overcome obstacles by jumping, vaulting, climbing, running, swinging and crawling. Parkour is a fun and creative activity that promotes play through movement.

Our classes

We offer a variety classes throughout the week catering to different skill levels. The classes focus on increasing skill, flexibility and strength through parkour inspired games and drills.


All new students must attend must attend a ‘first timers’ class. This class is an introduction to parkour and covers foundational skills that will be building blocks for future training.

We accept the New South Wales Creative and Active Kids Vouchers for terms bookings



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“Thanks so much for being an amazing role model, mentor and coach for my son. Having inspiring people around our kids as they grow up and becoming adults is so important to us.” 


—  Aaron



Outdoor: Foreshore car Park, Wharf Rd, Newcastle NSW 2300
Indoor: The Movement Collective 
31B Crescent Rd, Waratah NSW 2298
Email: contact@newcastleparkour.com
Phone: 04 3520 6910
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