Teen classes

Our teen classes (12-16 years) are designed to start students moving safely and confidently. All students are taught progressions exercises before they are allowed to attempt any new skills.

In our teens class we focus on the development of community and culture with our students. We treat them as adults and provide them with guidance to participate in effective risk management and progression.

We treat every student as an individual and give them autonomy and responsibility. We aim to create strong resilient people.


First Timers class

If this is your first time doing parkour, please click here for our first timers class!

We introduce you to the fundamentals of parkour and after that you can progress to the other classes listed below. 

Indoor Teen basics classes

We start all of our classes off indoor so we can practice fundamental safety and risk assessment skills before we take our movement outside. We also start working on the basics test in this class.

Intermediate classes

For more information on how to move up to intermediate please ask your coach before or after class!


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