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Night jam + Sleep out for soul charity event

We are excited to be having our first night training jam in conjunction with Sleep Out For Soul charity event.

Join us in our efforts to raise $500 for the homeless in Newcastle. Our team, Newcastle parkour, is dedicated to making a difference in our community. You can help us reach our goal by fundraising with us or by making a donation through our team's page.

Your contribution, no matter how big or small, will make a huge difference in the lives of those who need it most. So please take a minute to donate to our cause and show your support for our team and the homeless in Newcastle. Sleepout for Soul is a family friendly event!

But how does it work?

– Roll a swag or sleeping bag and Sleepout for Soul at the Bolton St carpark

– Bring 3-5 friends and Sleepout as a group!

– Experience a variety of complimentary and available for purchase food and drinks

– Participate in Soul tours, stories, meet the team behind Soul Hub and hear how we transform thousands of lives

– Savor our firepits, games and activities

– Dance, sing and enjoy live music on the top floor of the carpark

The plan! We will meet up at rail spot next to "ka-fey" for the starting point of night training at 6:30. After that we will move to various other locations for training and possibly a stop for dinner during the night until we end up back at bolton st carpark for the rest of the event.

Everyone is welcome to join! I know some parents are setting up in the carpark and letting their older kids (15+ ) come and train with us meeting back at the carpark afterwards that's fine. This is intended for our older students, but younger are welcome to come as long as they have adequate supervision due to no official supervision being provided on the night. Register for the charity event here Parking is available in the carpark for free for the night if you sign up to the event.

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