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Newcastle Parkour re-open!

Dear Parents and Students

As you are aware the situation around COVID-19 is continuing to develop and due to the government relaxing of rules we are re-opening a small amount of outdoor classes


As of Sunday 31 May 2020 These classes will be re-starting in civic park. We will only have 8 spaces per class to accommodate for 1 instructor and an assistant instructor. Online booking MUST be made ahead of time. We can not accept any people dropping in on the day due to strict government regulations.

What if i had a term booking that got cancelled?

For everyone that had booked a 10 week term you will be entitled to 3 classes when we re-open. Cancelled term bookings will have priority over class by class bookings. Once you book into a class with your 3 sessions you will not be able to cancel or defer any of them, so book in wisely!

How do i book in my 3 classes?

If you could fill out this form with all of the information so we can set aside space in the class of your choice.

Where will we be located for classes?

We will be running classes out of civic park and the surrounds. Basics classes will stay fairly close to the park, where as more advanced classes will move further out. But all classes will finish in civic park.

What's happening with the parkour gym?

We are still looking for a space and as soon as we have more concrete information we will pass it on!

In conclusion

We would like to thank students and parents for your understanding especially in this challenging time. Hopefully see you soon and thank you for your continued support.

Stay safe and keep on jumping! ✌🏼❤️

Team Newcastle Parkour

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