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Newcastle Parkour Memberships!

Are you keen to up your parkour game? As they say practice makes perfect and our memberships options are a great opportunity to get in those reps!

A membership is a great value option, for less than the cost of two drop in classes you can attend as many classes as you want! You also gain access to special members only perks such as movie nights, bonus skills classes and events.

Our memberships are flexible and not locked in, so you are able to cancel at any time.

We recommend memberships to anyone who is serious about improving their parkour movement and want to be part of the Newcastle Parkour community.

Membership options

Community: $34.50 p/w for unlimited access to everything on our timetable! This includes all parkour, freerunning, strength, open session and martial art classes. It also includes all special members events. This is a $250 discount if all classes were booked separately! Book your membership

Casual: $24 p/w for unlimited open session and strength classes. This is a $50 discount if all classes were booked separately. Book your membership

If you have any questions about our memberships please feel free to get in contact 😀

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