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Coronavirus update

Dear Parents and Students

As you are aware the situation around COVID-19 is continuing to evolve. We would like to advise you of our current status and actions we are implementing to ensure the safety of students.


As of 17/03/20 classes are still running as normal. We will be taking our lead for the Department of Education and the Government in relation to best practice. As our classes are smaller than a regular school classes, we are confident we can continue to deliver our classes safely.

We will be taking extra measures including:

  • Using spray sanitizer on all vault boxes and high touch areas before the start of each class

  • Ensuring all students wash their hands before and after class

  • Limiting physical contact during classes

  • Any student or parent exhibiting flu like symptoms will be asked to go home

We respectfully ask that any student or parent who has recently traveled to an affected country does not attend classes for 14 days upon return.

Please be rest assured that we are doing everything to ensure classes remain safe.

If you would like any further resources please refer to the NSW government website on COVID-19.

What if I can’t attend classes?

We understand that there are situations where it is impractical for students to continue to attend classes. For example, living with the elderly or immune suppressed individuals. If you have made a term booking and do not wish to attend the remaining classes, please contact us to make alternative arrangements.

What if we need to close the doors?

In the event of government or medical advice to cease classes we will be notifying students via our website mailing list and social media pages. We will offer equivalent class passes for any classes missed during term 1 for classes in term 2.

In conclusion

We would like to thank students and parents for your understanding especially in this challenging time. As the situation continues to evolve, we ask that you continue to support not only us but all local businesses.

Stay safe and keep on trucking! ✌🏼❤️

Team Newcastle Parkour

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