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A little about our Director and Head Coach Alex Rzechowicz

Brought up in Newcastle, Alex has been moving in one way or another for his entire life. He was involved in gymnastics, dancing, acting and musical pursuits from a young age, and at 17 moved to Los Angeles by himself to work in the acting industry.

Alex moved back home after finishing his 4 year visa and applied to join the Army. He pursued getting fit enough to pass basic training by himself until someone from Newcastle parkour invited him to strength and conditioning and instantly loved the community.

He joined the army and started assisting parkour classes in Newcastle. It was at this time the senior instructors were moving on and asked if anyone wanted to take over classes and Alex volunteered.

5 years later Alex is a Qualified level 2 lead instructor under the Australian Parkour Association and is running Newcastle parkour with 2 locations and 7 instructors. He highly values a sense of community, safe movement and starting together and finishing together.

Alex on Newcastle Parkour

"Our community does not value how good you are, just how hard you try. This is a totally different take compared to most sports. You are normally only rewarded for winning, not for trying your best and not giving up."

"We are a community that values you. Not how tall, strong, fast, coordinated or brave you are. We value you and how hard you try. We are always behind the under dog. We are always supporting those who don’t think they can do it. Those are the people we want. That is the community we need. Not the fitness junkies or adrenaline seekers. We want the kids who have been told they can’t do it, We want those who are out of shape and have lost hope, we want people who are afraid of moving, we want people who think they are uncoordinated. We want the underdog. Because we want more than anyone else to see you succeed. As long as you try we will be here supporting you however we can"

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