Our mission is to teach and develop parkour in the community


Newcastle Parkour has been providing training services since 2006 in collaboration with the Australian Parkour Association and Parkour NSW. Many of our instructors have volunteered to develop, promote and train parkour in Newcastle

In March 2017 local practitioners (traceurs) decided to incorporate a business to better serve the local community. This enabled us to provide dedicated indoor classes and work with local schools, clubs and businesses.


Alex Reco – Head coach

Brought up in Newcastle, Alex has been moving in one way or another for his entire life. He was involved in gymnastics, dancing, acting and musical pursuits from a young age, and at 17 moved to Los Angeles by himself to work in the acting industry. Alex moved back home after finishing his 4 year visa and applied to join the Army. He pursued getting fit enough to pass basic training by himself until someone from Newcastle parkour invited him to strength and conditioning and instantly loved the community. He joined the army and started assisting parkour classes in Newcastle. It was at this time the senior instructors were moving on and asked if anyone wanted to take over classes and Alex volunteered. 5 years later Alex is a Qualified level 2 lead instructor under the Australian Parkour Association and is running Newcastle parkour with 3 locations and 6 instructors. He highly values a sense of community, safe movement and starting together and finishing together.


We have an active Facebook group where you can ask questions, get help and organise a jam. This is a great place to meet other traceurs