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End of year Newsletter!

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End of year Newsletter

From Head Coach Alex Rzechowicz

Parkour Gym?

We have unfortunately have been unsuccessful in securing a final location for our parkour school. We are still trying to secure a place before the start of term 1- 2020 and as soon as anything concrete happens we will ensure everyone is notified!

If we are unsuccessful in finding a location classes will continue as normal at the ninja parc.

Australia day event

Newcastle Parkour is having free basic 20 minute introductory lessons on the foreshore as part of an Australia Day event put on by the City of Newcastle. We will also have an open session for current students to jump around the space for free from 11:30 am - 1:00 pm. Come jump with us!

NCC $30,000 Grant

We have received $30,000 from City of Newcastle for a dedicated Parkour space in Hunter Street mall! It will provide a great place to train and move. We are in the process of designing and creating the space for an opening mid 2020

Holiday shutdown period

Newcastle parkour is going on break from the 21st December to the 12th of January. During this time there will be no classes running. There will be people out and about training around the city casually so keep an eye on the “Newcastle parkour and freerunning” facebook group for people posting where they are!

We will open up again on the 13th of January to the 2nd February with the timetable at the end of this post.

Parkour bed frame

We have been developing practice equipment that is useful and has a purpose outside of parkour. A scaffolding bed that can be swung on, hung from, and jumped around on whilst still having a mattress to land on to keep safe!

These bed frames are available in size from a single bed to a king and everything in between. We have two options currently available. The A frame bed and a 4 poster bed. We will have both of these available for try before buy testing at the Australia day event!

If you want to find out more please email

Closing Notes

As always, thank you all for being excellent students, parents, and community members. You are all the reason we are still here teaching classes. All of us at Newcastle Parkour wish you a happy school holidays, and we will see you next term!

Head coach

Alexander Rzechowicz.

School holiday timetable

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