Preschool and Junior Parkour classes!

No first timers class needed. just book into any of the classes!


Our Preschool Parkour classes are for students aged 3-5 in mind. In this class we focus on fun with our major skill focus being on how to play safer outside of class!

We have designed this program with the idea that kids fall over a lot, so our goals are to teach them how to fall in any direction and be able to save themselves without injury whilst having a whole bunch of fun playing games and activities.

Our Junior Parkour classes are for students aged 5 - 7 

In this class we aim on not just engaging and teaching the kids, but also teaching the parents whats safe movement looks like so they can ensure their children move through life with less injuries!


Things you need to know!

  • Please bring a water bottle, comfortable clothing and normal runners/sneakers

  • Classes are $15.95 for drop in or 13.95 if you book for the term

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