Preschool and Junior Parkour classes!

Preschool Parkour classes

For students aged 3-5yrs in mind. In this class we focus on fun, with our major skill focus being on how to move and play safer in the great outdoors!

We have designed this program with the idea that kids fall over a lot, so our goal is to increase students spatial awareness so that in the event of a fall they are able to do so safely without injury. Skills are taught by playing fun games and activities.

Note: A first timers class is not required for this class! Just book into any of the classes!

Junior Parkour classes 

​For students aged 5-7yrs in mind. In this class we focus a lot more parkour based movements and techniques whilst skill keeping it fun and engaging. We teach skills such as rolling, jumping, climbing and vaulting.

We understand that at this age kids are testing their physical boundaries (think jumping off ledges and climbing trees). Our goal is to teach techniques that allow them to do so safely while also understanding their physical limitations.       

Please bring a water bottle and wear comfortable clothing and runners.