First timers class

This class is designed towards an individual who has not done parkour before, but still has basic confidence in moving (jogging, landing from a small height etc).

Our First Timers class is designed to get everyone moving safely and confidently. All students are taught progression exercises before being allowed to attempt any new skill. 

You must complete a first timers class before moving onto any of our other classes.

In this class we focus on fundamental movement to parkour, such as landing, jumping, falling, rolling, balance, vaults and more! 

Things you need to know!

  • Please bring a water bottle, comfortable clothing and normal runners/sneakers

  • First timers classes are $18 and can be booked below or on the day

  • For minors, a parent/guardian must attend to sign the liability waiver (required only once)

  • If your friend is already a student, they can do the first timers class with you for free! 

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