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What is Parkour?

Parkour is a method of physical training that develops one’s ability to overcome obstacles (both physical and mental). It involves movement that will help in reach or escape situations. Underpinning this is a philosophy of altruism, useful strength, longevity, self-improvement and self-understanding.

Further info on the history and philosophy of parkour can be explored here:

What should I wear/bring?

We recommend wearing comfy clothing and enclosed shoes that allow you to move around. Avoid anything that could get caught on equipment or make you trip over. Standard wear are track pants/tights, t-shirts, and sneakers! If you are looking for a shoe recommendation check the following recommendations.

Bring a bottle of water to ensure you stay hydrated!

Which class should I attend first?

All of the basics classes are set up for people brand new to the discipline. Any basics class will be a good choice.

When can I do big stuff or rooftops?

Newcastle Parkour does not support or endorse the dangerous use of parkour. We promote the safe practice and progression of your training. During classes we stick to ground level to master the basics. Newcastle Parkour does not condone dangerous stunts, if you perform them during class you will be asked to leave.

How can I pay for a class?

You can pay online via the booking system when you pay in advance. Alternatively you can pay on the day, however if the class is full there is the possibility of missing out.

What age do I need to be?

The beauty of parkour is that it is suitable for all ages. As long as you are moving as fast and efficiently as possible to your physical ability you are practicing parkour!

Our classes are tailored for kids 3-12 yrs, teens 13-17 yrs and adults 18+ years.


I’m sore after training is this normal?


As with any exercise, (especially a new activity) it is normal to experience some level of muscular pain. This is due to “Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)” which usually lasts a couple of days. If it lasts longer than this please consult your physician. Over time however, you will experience less discomfort as your body becomes stronger!

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