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Strength and Conditioning 

Strength and Conditioning has been a cultural fixture for Newcastle parkour for 15 years. 

"To be strong to be useful. To be and to last" is a very important part of our philosophy stemming from the birth of parkour in France over 30 years ago. The founders of the sport are still training like this well into their 50's.

Thursday Strength and Conditioning  

This class runs from 6:20pm - 7:50pm at the gym, and is a throwback to our old school outdoor strength classes.  
We start with 10 minutes of cardio followed by 15 -20 minutes of arm sets, leg sets and core sets. This is our biggest strength and also the most diverse with our comp team students, instructors and adults all working together. 

We always have multiple levels of difficulty so people who want to really push themselves are able to, and those who are working on their foundational fitness can work to a level they feel comfortable with. 


Our high priority is that everyone feels welcome and safe. We care about how much effort you put in, not how strong / fast / agile you are. 

We are in the business of developing strong, resilient people, both physically and mentally.

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