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Comp Team

Comp team classes are for motivated students aged up to 14 who have skill, discipline and self control. Our main objective is to give these students the tools to progress beyond the need for classes, and begin self-motivated training, joining in at our open sessions and street jams.

This class is by invitation only.

One 1.5 hour parkour class plus one optional strength or open session per week.
Add 1 Strength + 1 Open p/w to your Comp Team booking for just : $84 via front desk


Open Session

This is free-training time. This is the highest level of class; due to to the fact that it's completely unstructured. Students that attend need enough motivation to know what they want to achieve, training and pushing for it on their own merit.


We recommend having them do strength one week, and an open session the next week. If students have the motivation, this is our community's fastest route to graduation from indoor training to outdoor training.

Strength and Conditioning

This is a core component of practicing parkour safely long term. Strong and flexible bodies recieve far fewer injuries.

We made this an optional class to help avoid overtraining. Additionally, the student gets far more out of strength if they choose to attend rather than feeling like they are forced. 

Final Notes on Comp Team

Newcastle Parkour's mission is to make people's lives better, whilst causing no harm. Our way of doing that is by giving students a true love of moving, teaching them how to do it independently and safely. Our side goal being that of mentorship and support outside of school and family.


This is the first class where we can really start to give all of those things at once.


End of Term Competitions

We also have our end of term competition day for students above to take part in if they wish. Its primarily a 'community building' day for our students. All of the planned comps have 3 different ways to join in:



Jump in and give any of the categories a go with as many attempts as you want. No scoring or limitations.

Self competitive:
Get timed / scored and try to beat your own score on the day, or at the next end of term comp!


Get scored and ranked against your peers and try to take out the best place you can with limited tries.


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