Adults class

Our adults classes (16+) are designed for all levels to start moving safely and confidently.

We work on bringing play without competition back into our students with games and challenges in every class. We also focus on technical movement, strength and fitness.


A high priority is that everyone feels welcome and safe. We care about how much effort you put in, not how strong / fast / agile you are. 

We are in the business of developing strong, resilient people, both physically and mentally.


First Timers class

If this is your first time doing parkour please click below for our first timers class!

We introduce you to the fundamentals of parkour and after that you can progress to the other classes listed below. 

Basics classes
We start off classes indoors so basic skills can be mastered before being taken outdoors.
Intermediate classes
In our intermediate class we start putting the skills we have learnt into practical use, and start working towards the outdoor test.

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