We are opening a gym!

 A big big thank you

To everyone in our community that has given feedback, filled out surveys and been overwhelmingly supportive. 

We are aiming to have our new center open for the final term of this year, but first we have a boatload of work to be done between now and then.  And undertaking these endeavours are known to be perilous and filled with delays so bear with us!

If you have any expertise or advice on this please shoot us an email!  alex@newcastleparkour.com 

We will not be leaving the Ninja Parc entirely though, our younger classes love the space and the equipment they have. So don’t worry about all classes changing! 

Class changes

If you notice on the new timetable below, our indoor kids classes have changed to a shorter format of 1 hour and 15 minutes. This is due to fatigue of the students and attention span dropping over the 1 hour mark.  

We have also added an outdoor kids basics class on a friday for kids aged 9 and up!

Holiday classes and training

We have our new school holiday program with games, challenges and technical skills that runs for 3 hours. It is $34 and running on the 14th July at Civic Park from 11am-2pm. This is suitable for any current students aged 9 and up. To book please visit our website www.newcastleparkour.com

We are also still running our Wednesday basics, intermediate, and open sessions, our Thursday outdoor intermediate and strength and conditioning as well as all of our Sunday classes during the holidays. 

We also have a free social jam on the 13th July but please note; there is no supervision, insurance, liability or coaching provided at this event. This is more suited to the older students who have done intermediate or outdoor classes before. For more information for this event and other social training please join our community Facebook group “Newcastle Parkour and Freerunning”.

Creative/Active Kids Voucher

We now accept both creative kids and active kids vouchers for all of our outdoor classes! This means a total of $300 off parkour classes a year, to redeem please visit our  website. The ninja parc is still organizing their end for indoor classes and as soon as it is in place we will let you know! 

Closing notes

We have been so impressed with the level of dedication from all of our students. All the way from our youngest at 6, to our oldest in our creaky bones classes (they tell me late 50s, but don’t look a day over 30). 

Watching all of them having to deal with fear and overcoming those mental barriers in class and start to apply them outside of class has been so rewarding to watch and hear about. From being better at netball because of not being afraid to fall over; or one of our creaky bones students feeling more confident with stairs; or just having less fear or failure and willing to try more things. 

Thank you all for being excellent students, parents, and community members and helping me enjoy my job enough to want to risk it all to open a gym and make this a career.  All of us at Newcastle Parkour wish you a happy school holidays, and we will hopefully see you next term!

Head coach

Alexander Rzechowicz.