Creative/Active Kids Voucher

From January 2019, NSW parents, guardians and carers of young people aged 4.5 to 18 years can apply for one $100 creative kids voucher and two $100 active kids vouchers (per year) to use for creative and cultural learning activities and sport and active recreation costs outside of the school curriculum.

Newcastle Parkour is now a registered provider for both and the three $100 vouchers can be redeemed towards the part payment of an outdoor term booking. This brings the out of pocket cost from $180 to $80 (55% saving) per term.

To claim your voucher please visit

If you are interested in this offer please check out our outdoor parkour classes to submit your voucher for next term please use the following form

Submit voucher

Once this is complete contact us for further payment information (bank account details). Please include the student(s) name in the email and the outdoor session they are attending.

After this is confirmed you can collect your 10 class at your next lesson

Thank you
Newcastle Parkour